About Scouten White Cedar

Our Facilities

We have added a large warehouse to house our products. In addition we have two spacious workshops with cement floors where we use various pieces of equipment to change cedar logs into smooth boards of desirable sizes. There is a large barn and warehouse for storage and a graveled parking lot with ample room for trucks and trailers to turn around.

Our Equipment

We now have two Wood-Mizer electric bandsaw mills to cut the logs. We use a “Silver” moulder to prepare the majority of our lumber. We used to use a jointer to make sure the boards had 90 degree corners, a planer to smooth the edges and sides of the boards and a shaper to give rounded top edges on deck boards, or to make tongue and groove lumber for paneling or floors.

The moulder has made a huge difference in our time and labour to prepare boards: instead of each board making as many as ten passes through equipment to go from rough cut to a final deck board or tongue and groove paneling, it is now a one-step process. The rough board goes in one end of the moulder and in a matter of seconds appears out the other end as a finished board. This allows us to produce more lumber, and reduces wait time for our customers.

We have also added a drum sander and a heavy-duty Silver planer to our equipment line-up. As noted on the home page, we have also added a Cantek tilting head resaw, which allows us to make beveled siding as well as cut thicker boards into thinner ones.

Storage of Lumber

Once cut from the logs, all rough lumber is stored with spacers between the layers, under a roof, usually in the loft of our barn. This protects the wood from snow and rain (which would start discolouring the wood from the weathering process) but it allows good circulation for the wood to dry. White cedar dries much more quickly than most woods, so air-drying is generally sufficient. We plane the boards as required by customers, so if you need dressed boards, please contact us to place your order.


We have an enclosed trailer as well as a large and small flatbed. We only deliver within Ontario, but cover a wide range including Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, Huntsville as well as more local areas like Ottawa, Kingston, etc. Cost of delivery depends on your location, and is mainly to cover the price of fuel required. Call us for an estimate.

Hours of Operation

We are generally available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, and Saturday, 8 am to 12 noon. We are closed on Sunday.

Other times can be arranged by appointment. Just give us a call, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Since our home is adjacent to the wood shop and storage areas, we are usually home, and can provide much more flexible hours than many businesses. However, we do have family commitments, so it is best to call before you come or make arrangements by email. We check email regularly, and it is a great way to get your free quote!