Craftsman’s Corner

This area is devoted to celebrating and sharing creations made from white cedar (preferably Scouten White Cedar, of course, but not necessarily!)

Just send us a digital photo of your masterpiece, with a brief outline of what lumber was used, how the product was put together and stained or finished, as well as any hints that would help our readers produce a similar product.


Idea #1 – Porch with White Cedar Ceiling


Here are some pictures of our new porch finished in Scouten White Cedar.
Thanks for supplying the white cedar. Come and enjoy our porch at anytime.

Rita & Fred

Idea #2 – Cedar HideaBin

Designed by  AJ Johnson, Guelph, to enclose garbage and municipal recycling boxes. They look great, hide what should be hidden, keep animals out, but let any smells dissipate. Being white cedar, the weather doesn’t harm them.

Idea #3 – Cedar Staircase


June, Larry,
It was great to finally meet you both in person this weekend!
Attached is a photo of what we used your lovely lumber for.

Idea #4- Swim and Spa Room


Don – Burlington

Idea #5 – Multi-level Deck


Joe – Ottawa


Idea #6 – Beautiful and Functional Boat Dock


Deb and Greg

Idea #7 – Siding on Drive Shed


Hello Larry and June,
We wanted to show you how beautiful our drive shed gable ends are now.  First photo shows completed east end, second photo shows west end which still needs battens on the top half.  Thank you for all your help with this.
Kind regards,
Jean and Tony

Idea #8 – Cottage Renovation

The interior of this beautiful cottage is being paneled with clear 1 x 6 tongue and groove white cedar. It sure looks great!

For K.G., Peterborough area

Idea #9 – Fence and Siding


This unusual fence and garage siding were made from a combination of 5/4 x 4, 5/4 x 2 and 1 x 2. With stain, everything blends in beautifully and makes a wonderfully private backyard retreat.

Created by Justin, Toronto

Idea #10 – Hay Wagon

Just thought I would send you some pictures of the hay wagon now it’s complete. Included a picture of the beams and cross pieces along with the final. I took the running gear apart, wire brushed down to bare metal.

Primed and spray canned two coats of paint. Sandblasted, primed and painted the wheel rims. Got some new “used” tires installed and voila. Probably now going to be around longer than me.
Many thanks.

Peter, Smiths Falls

Idea #11  Adirondack Porch Rocker

This “Adirondack Plus” rocker by Veritas was made using one of the dozens of plans available from places like Lee Valley. Most of the pieces were made from 1 x 6 cedar, and the full-size pattern could be traced directly on the wood. The bottom rocker boards were made of oak (ash or some other hardwood would work as well) since the rockers would receive the most wear, and hard wood would last longer for that use than cedar.

The cedar was finished with 4 coats of Outdoor (semi-gloss) Flectovarathane Diamond Wood Finish. It gave a beautiful totally transparent finish showing the natural colour of the cedar, nicely high-lighting the grain of the wood while giving a hard protective finish and “maximum uv protection”.

Larry & June, Smiths Falls


Idea #12  Bridge

The bridge has a steel frame and measures 5 feet wide by 20 feet long. I had to use 2 x 8 lumber for the deck as it is clear spanning the 5 feet width. 4×4’s make up the uprights and 2×4’s were cut for the handrails.


Idea #13  Flower Box


I built 20 of the flower boxes in the picture. The dimensions are
15 in x 15 in square and are 14 in tall. I used 1×4 cedar for these boxes.



Idea #14  Coffee & End Table

We made our coffee table and 2 end tables out of white cedar, and are very pleased with how they look, as well as how easy it was on our wallet! All the legs are planed 4 x 4, with 45 degree corners done with a router/shaper. The tops have a 2 x 4 frame, and the top surface is made of 1 x 4 tongue & groove with a v – joint. There is 1 x 5 trim on the sides with a 45 degree edge on the upper surface. The handy shelf underneath the coffee table is great for holding storage baskets, and is made from planed 2 x 2 with a notch to hold the 1 inch crossboards. The glass on the tops was from the original tables, and the new tables were built to fit the glass. The finished tables were stained with Minwax red mahogany stain, and then coated with Minwax fast-drying “high gloss” polyurethane.

Rob & Julia

Idea #15  Front Deck – Before and After


See attached pics of front of my house before and after. It is great for those summer afternoons when it is just too hot to be on the sunny side of the house. Also as you can see the step needed to be replaced anyhow.

The Curb Appeal is greatly enhanced with Scouten White Cedar! I used 2×8 spaced at 11″ in the deck joists and lots of posts and cross bracing for extra strength. Also used those metal screwstrips so that no screws show from the top of the deck leaving a clean look and less opportunity for water penetration.

Tony & family
Moose Creek

Before  & After

Idea #16  Pergola

Here are some pictures of my project (Pergola). I actually extended the project to include a semi-private fence. It turned out better than expected and we all love it. The wood grain is beautiful and we will be staining it with a semi-transparent stain, as we want this piece to last long, i mean very long.

We think that our experience having the Argentine Parrilla (BBQ) under this “beauty” will be much more enhanced now, and wait a few years when the climbing plants grow over it. I can just imagine having good quality time with family and friends.

I am happy with the quality of wood and services you provided and look forward to contacting you for future projects.


Idea #17  Desiging With White Cedar

Attached are some pics of the cedar projects I have done. The Hydrocabinet has your Channel Rustic siding on it.



Idea #18  Adirondack Chair & Swing

Both were made using the Veritas plans from Lee Valley. The swing is supported by 3/8 coated chain rated for 600 pounds.

Smiths Falls


Idea #19 Cedar Bathroom Walls and Ceiling

We love the “sauna” feeling the cedar produces. We used Minwax “Natural” to coat it.

Smiths Falls


Idea #20  Gazebo

Finally I have finished making the Gazebo from the white cedar I had from you a long time ago. It is screened in with a door and works well. I had lots of fun making it.



Idea #21 Screen Room


I must say that your cedar lumber, be it 2x4s, 1x6s, 5/4x6s or the channel rustic were second to none in the creation of this screen room. Many thanks and hope to do more business in the near future.

Dan Beaulieu
Smiths Falls


Idea # 22 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Project

You may be interested to see how your cedar was used on our solar PV project, as per the attached photos.

Sue and Bill Carey

Editor’s Note: White cedar was ideal for supporting the solar panels used to change solar energy into electrical energy.

Idea #23 Shed and Heads


Please find attached some pictures of the shed I built and how I used the ends of the posts. I used Sikkens Cetol 1 on the shed. Enjoy!

Rod Clow


Idea #24 Stages in Building a Gazebo

I hope this is a good picture of what we have been doing with all of your white cedar!!! It sure adds a great deal to our back yard!!!John put the last shingle on the roof Mothers Day! (In the snow!!). He has yet to put the little pieces over the edges where the roof sections meet, but all in all, the gazebo is done. We enjoy it so much! We sat out tonight in the Gazebo and the cedar smelled so good after that rain shower we had here!!

John Van Beek and Jessica Locke


Editor’s Note: As well as this gazebo, John and Jessica created such a magnificent backyard garden that it made the cover article, with a 6 page photo spread, in the May 2014 “Country Gardens” Issue of
Better Homes and Gardens. Congratulations!


Idea #25 Screen Room with Sauna, Hot Tub and pergola!

As promised, here are the pictures of the fully decorated screen
room and pergola.

Again many thanks for your excellent product and customer service!!

Dan Beaulieu
Smiths Falls



Idea #26 Octagonal Picnic Table

I have attached a couple of photos of the completed octangular picnic table. It was constructed with 2×4 and 2×6 “Scouten” eastern white cedar (nothing but the best) using plans I downloaded from

Once again many thanks for the outstanding lumber/service!!!!

Dan Beaulieu
Smiths Falls

Idea #27 Raised Flower Beds

Created by A. Cordonnier

Idea #28 Cedar Room

Some pics of what I did with the cedar I bought from you.

I was very happy with the cedar. Thanks again for the good experience.

Marc Desjardins

Idea #29 Screen Room

Well, this should be the last screen room for this year.

Once again you both have come through for me in providing superior lumber. My customers have raved about the beauty of having Scouten White Cedar!! Attached are photos of the completed project.

Dan Beaulieu
Smiths Falls


Idea #30 – Sugar Shack

By Eric Mayer

Idea #31 – Muskoka Unity Chairs

I have finished building the 8 chairs using Ontario White Cedar
for the arms and BC Red Cedar for the remainder;

Thanks again for your help with the Ontario White Cedar.

Elgin Wolfe, Toronto